Nami AKA “Cat Burglar Nami” is one of the main and the only female protagonist beside Nico in the Anime series One Piece. Nami is the second member to join the crew “Straw Hat Pirates” after Roronoa Zoro.

Nami joins the crew as the navigator but she had some ulterior motives of her own, she was formerly a member of Along Pirates, who now has captured her village and Nami wants to buy it back by robbing off Luffy’s crew.


Nami was born and raised in a small village in the kingdom of Oykot, she became orphan as a result of wars in her village but a woman Bell Mere, took her in with another girl Nokijo, and they both grew up together as sisters.

From a very young age, Nami was highly attracted to drawing maps of the towns, islands and villages around her. But they lived a very poor life with a very limited income, which hardly made up for their day to day expenses let alone buying navigation guides and books to learn about the world’s map. But she was hell bent to fulfill her dream to draw the world map which often resulted in her stealing from the bookshops.

When she was 8 years old, a pirate gang Arlong attacked and captured their village and imposed new rules over the village which included a payment for all the residents of the village. But as Nami’s family couldn’t afford to pay the fees, Arlong pirates murdered Bell Mere to make an example for people who couldn’t pay the fees. They took Nami and forced her to work for them, they also made deal with her that if she pays them 100,000,000 Bs they would free her village.

Nami’s Adventure

Nami made it her life’s goal to free her village from the possession of Arlong Pirates by buying back the village and for that she started making maps for the Arlong pirates, collecting the hidden treasures and stealing from other pirates.

Nami saw an opportunity to steal from the Straw Hats Pirates and so she joined them as a navigator to help them navigate through the dangers of the grand line but she actually became a true member of the crew after Straw Hat Pirates fought off the Arlong Pirates and freed her village.

Nami first bounty was 16,000,000 Bs but her journey along with the Luffy’s crew made her bounty go all the way up to 66,000,000Bs [Current bounty].

The Adventure Continues

Nami, who first joined Luffy’s crew with ulterior motive to steal from them to buy back her village becomes one of the main crew members for the Straw Hats and a good friend with Luffy. Her Journey with Luffy and others to find the treasure of One Piece is rather a great adventurein its own.

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