Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro AKA Pirate Hunter Zoro, is one of the main characters of the anime series One Piece. He is the first member of the crew Straw Hat Pirates captained by none other than Monkey D. Luffy himself.

Zoro is a finely crafted swordsman and combatant for the crew, he aspires to become the greatest swordsman of all, which is what brings him to join Luffy in his journey to find the legendary treasure One Piece.


From a very young age Zoro always dreamt of becoming the greatest Swordsman in the world and to fulfil his dream he joined a dojo in his village shimotsuki, where he would train very hard to improve his skills. During his training he became friends with Kuina, his mentor’s daughter.

They would always train together and fight against each other in training matches, but Zoro always lost against her which made him quite frustrated as he could easily beat anyone else, even older than him. Zoro and Kuina both had the same dream to become world’s greatest swordsman but Kuina’s father told her that woman can never be the best,its something that only men are best at.

One day Kuina met an unfortunate accident at the Dojo which ended her journey to fulfil her dream but Zoro promised her that he’d do anything to become world’s greatest swordsman for both of them and got her sword, “ Wado Ichimonji”.

Roronoa Zoro’s Adventure

Zoro’s journey began after he came to find about Dracule Mihawk, who currently claimed the title of being world’s greatest swordsman, So Zoro started his sail to find him and challenge him to a duel which would decide his fate but unfortunately, he couldn’t find him. Instead he got lost and in order to survive he started taking on bounties and eventually became a known bounty hunter.

The first bounty that Zoro took on was 60,000,000 berries which he got by defeating 100 bounty hunters and he kept moving up, his second bounty went all the way to 120,000,000 Bs and lastly all the way up to 320,000,000 Bs which also added him to the list of the twelve pirates called the “Worst Generation”.

The Adventure Continues

Roronoa Zoro then joins Luffy’s crew in his journey to the Grand Line where he could also find Dracule and challenge him to a duel and defeat him to claim the title of world’s greatest swordsman of all time. He eventually becomes Luffy’s best friend during their journey to find the treasure.

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