The Straw Hat Pirates Crew

Monkey D.Luffy is all set to fulfil his desire to become the king of all pirates with his new abilities. But before starting his journey Luffy needed a crew so he decided to recruit 10 people (although most of them refused the invitation) who would join him in his journey to find the mysterious treasure One Piece.

When the recruitment process ended the Straw Hat Pirates ended up with the following members.

  • Luffy, the Captain, because he founded the crew offcourse.
  • Nami, AKA “Cat Burglar”, a petty thief with extraordinary navigation skills to get them through the Grand Line.
  • Tony Chopper, An skilled physician, AKA “Cotton Candy Chopper”, who tranformed into a deer after consuming the devil fruit “Hito Hito No mi” which gave him the power of a hybrid human body.
  • Roronoa Zolo, a fine swordsman and a great close combat fight, who can even slay the demons in his way if he has to.
  • Sanji, A great warrior who also knows his way around the kitchen, he aspire to find the legendary chef’s kitchen “All blue” in the middle where all the seas meet.
  • Ussop, the king of liars and a coward, who despite his cowardise dreams to become a great pirate just like his father, he was invited to join the crew after their fight with Kuro.
  • Nico Robin, AKA the “Devil Child” joins the crew after she invites herself and convinces the crew to let her sail with them, she works as the archaelogist for the Crew to find One Piece.
  • Jinbe, he is whale Shark fish-man, and a karate master who wants to fulfil the dream of his captain that the humans and fish-men should live together.
  • Franky, AKA Iron Man Franky, is the Shipwright for the crew, his body was severly damaged back in the days and he had to get robo-parts inside his body to live.
  • Brook, AKA the Soul king Brook, he came back from the dead by eating a fruit called “Yomi Yomi No mi” and joined the Straw Hat Pirates as a musician.

Luffy is all set with his “Straw Hats Pirates” crew to hunt down One Piece and show everyone who the real king is.

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